Our Pastor

Founder of Victory Ministry host of a prophetic internet radio ministry broadcast, Love Life Outreach member of World Harvest Ministerial Fellowship Board. Prophetess Dumas is a Graduate of World Harvest Bible College and has earned a diploma of Arts in Ministry/Evangelism Studies Concentration. served seven years at World Harvest Church located in Columbus OH under the Leadership of Pastor Rod Parsley. Pastor Dumas walks under a Prophet’s mantle and speaks the word of God that is fuel to purify the people of God. The major thrust of Prophetess is to declare God’s heart to his people, pricking their hearts that they might return to His ways. Prophetess will not speak what the people will want to hear she will speak the word according to the way God has given it to her. She understanding of the times and has the ability to perceive and discern.She understand the mentality and mood of this present time.

Prophetess, having matured in her prophetic gifting through years of faithful obedience to God, operate on new levels of prophetic authority.

Prophetess Dumas walks in integrity and in the love of Christ.